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West Sound Utility District is a special purpose district which provides water and sanitary sewer service to residential and commercial properties south and east of the City of Port Orchard, WA.





Starting or Stopping Service

sold home
If you are buying or selling a home, please notify our office by either calling or emailing the following information: 
  • Property address
  • Your name and forwarding addressdrop
  • The closing date  
  • Seller's name
  • Buyer's name

You may also use our online property transfer form by clicking here. If the home you are purchasing does not have water service, please call our Customer Service Department at 360-876-2545. 

Winter is Here!

When water freezes, it expands. So if the temperature of your pipes drops below 32 degrees, even for a short period, you run the risk of a pipe fracture of worse. Take precautions now to avoid a major headache later.pipe
Winterize your pipes 
Make sure your pipes are well insulated.
Never turn off the heat
When you leave home set the temperature to at least 55-degree F.
Let the faucets drip
When the temperature is expected to drop below freezing, turn on faucets along the exterior walls to create a small, steady drip.
Open cabinets
 Open all sink-base cabinet doors along exterior walls to allow more heat to reach the pipes.

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 Fircrest Standpipe Rehabilitation