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West Sound Utility District is a special purpose district which provides water and sanitary sewer service to residential and commercial properties south and east of the City of Port Orchard, WA.



Starting or Stopping Service

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If you are buying or selling a home, please notify our office by either calling or emailing the following information: 
  • Property address
  • Your name and forwarding addressdrop
  • The closing date  
  • Seller's name
  • Buyer's name

You may also use our online property transfer form by clicking here. If the home you are purchasing does not have water service, please call our Customer Service Department at 360-876-2545. 

Toilet Leaks

Toilets often have silent leaks. A running toilet that overflows one gallon of water every 5 minutes can waste 288 gallons per day or 8,640 gallons a month.

 Leaky Toilet


How to check your toilet for leaks:

The District Office has dye tablets available at no charge or put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. Wait 15 minutes, don't flush. If colored water apprears in the bowl, you have a leak.  

District Events

Regular Board Meeting
August 19th @ 3:00


District Updates 

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