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West Sound Utility District is a special purpose district which provides water and sanitary sewer service to residential and commercial properties south and east of the City of Port Orchard, WA.

Meeting Agendas

2019 Meeting Agendas

Agenda Date Document
08-05-19   View Document
07-15-19  View Document
07-01-19  View Document
06-17-19  View Document
     06-10-19SM  View Document
06-03-19  View Document
05-20-19  View Document
05-06-19  View Document
04-15-19  View Document
04-01-19  View Document
     03-15-19SM  View Document
03-04-19  View Document
02-04-19  View Document
01-22-19  View Document
     01-14-19SM  View Document
01-07-19  View Document

 * SM Special Meeting

2018 Meeting Agendas

Agenda Date Document
     12-18-18SM  View Document 
 12-17-18   View Document 
     12-10-18SM  View Document 
12-03-18  View Document 
 11-19-18   View Document 
      11-13-18SM   View Document 
 11-05-18  View Document 
10-15-18 View Document
     10-09-18SM  View Document 
10-01-18  View Document 
      09-17-18SM  View Document
09-17-18  View Document 
      09-10-18SM   View Document 
 09-04-18    View Document  
08-20-18   View Document  
08-13-18  View Document 
08-06-18  View Document 
07-23-18  View Document 
07-09-18  View Document 
06-18-18   View Document  
06-04-18  View Document 
     05-31-18SM  View Document 
 05-25-18   View Document 
05-21-18  View Document 
      05-17-18SM   View Document 
     05-14-18SM N/A 
05-07-18 View Document
     04-30-18SM View Document
      04-26-18SM   View Document 
      04-25-18SM   View Document 
 04-16-18   View Document 
      04-09-18SM   View Document 
 04-03-18   View Document 
03-12-18 View Document
     02-20-18SM  View Document 
02-12-18  View Document 
01-22-18  View Document 
 01-08-18   View Document 

 * SM = Special Meeting

2017 Meeting Agendas

Agenda Date Document
     12-14-17SM View Document
12-11-17 View Document
11-27-17 View Document
11-06-17 View Document
 10-16-17  View Document
 10-02-17  View Document
 09-05-17  View Document
08-21-17 View Document
07-31-17 View Document
07-10-17 View Document
06-19-17 View Document
 05-30-17  View Document
05-08-17 View Document
 04-10-17  View Document
03-20-17 View Document
03-06-17 View Document
02-21-17 View Document
02-06-17 View Document
01-10-17 View Document
     01-09-17SM View Document

 * SM = Special Meeting