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West Sound Utility District is a special purpose district which provides water and sanitary sewer service to residential and commercial properties south and east of the City of Port Orchard, WA.

Developer Standards

Developer Standards

The Developer Extension Manual provides guidelines, standards, policies, specifications and fees regarding extenstion of sewer and water facilities within its service area.

It is the policy of the District to provide facilities for the sewer collection and distribution of water within its service area in accordance with approved land use plans and policies and the District's Comprehensive Plans. The District will not, however, extend facilities to service additional customers, properties, tracts, or subdivisions at the expense of existing District customers.

An applicant (e.g. developer, homeowners association, citizens group, or individual) for an extension is responsible for financing the entire cost of an extension, including adding new facilities or replacing existing system components when necessary for making the extension or improvement, including over sizing water system components as outlined below.

Water and/or sewer system extensions, improvements, or new facilities will be constructed in accordance with the District's Extension Policies, Design Standards, Standard Specifications, and Schedule of Rates and Fees. Any work not so performed may be rejected by the District, in which case the District shall have no obligation whatsoever to accept the extension and provide water and/or sewer service to the owner's property.

All water and/or sewer facilities will be located on public rights-of-way or dedicated easements; will be transferred to the District's ownership for perpetual operation, maintenance, and service responsibilities; and will be subject to initial performance/maintenance bonding requirements.

The document, in it's entirety, is available by following the link below.

DEC CHECKLIST          Developer Extension Manual 2019          Water Sewer Standards Details - 2019