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West Sound Utility District is a special purpose district which provides water and sanitary sewer service to residential and commercial properties south and east of the City of Port Orchard, WA.

Current Water Rates for WSUD

Customer Base Charge

A flat rate meter charge based on the meter size shall be assessed monthly for each meter. The flat rate charge for a 3/4" meter includes the unit charge for a one building unit. No water usage is included in the flat rate charge.

Meter Size 2019
1 1/2"


Unit Charge

A unit charge for each building unit served shall be assessed monthly for multifamily and commercial classes. No water usage is included in the unit charge.

Unit 2019


Commodity Charge

Addition to the flat rate and unit charge, a commodity charge per 100 cubic feet for all water consumed shall be imposed.

See the Commodity Charge Table

Ready to Serve Charge

Each lot for which a binding commitment for water availability has been issued and each lot for which a water service has been set but is not currently taking water will be charged a Ready to Serve Charge of $8.61.

Any charge which becomes delinquent must be paid before service is restored to active service.

Snow-Bird Accounts

Customers who own property that will be vacant for four (4) months or more may request a Snow-Bird Rate.

  • To qualify for the "Snow-Bird Rate", a customer must complete the Snow-Bird Rate form and return it to West Sound Utility District (WSUD) office. Be absent from the qualifying residence for a period of not less than four (4) months.
  • Water service to the residence receiving the reduced customer base rate will be shut off and locked at the meter upon approval by WSUD. Reconnecting of the service by anyone other than WSUD personnel will cause the property owner to incur a $1,000.00 tampering charge.
  • Any customer who returns to active service status prior to four (4) months absence will be charged the regular rate and in addition, will be charged a $50.00 service fee.


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